End User Authentication

Spider supports authenticating end user against the IMAP service running on your mail server, this way end users can login to Spider web console to view and restore archived emails.

To check authentication settings:

  • Login to Spider web console as admin user.
  • Click Settings -> End User Authentication.

End User Authentication is disabled by default, the setting page looks like below:

End User Authentication

Currently only IMAP authentication is supported. Once enabled, end user can login to Spider web console and restore archived messages to mailbox.


Method IMAP connects to your email server via IMAP protocol to authenticate end users.

End User Authentication - IMAP

Server addressThe IP address of FQDN name of your email server.
Port numberThe port number IMAP service is listening on.
Usually port 993 offers SSL secure connection, 143 is TLS / STARTTLS.
Connection Timeout (in seconds)If connection can not be established in certain seconds, authentication will abort.
Defaults to 10 seconds.
Server requires secure connection (SSL)Toggle on this option if IMAP service requires SSL secure connection.
Server requires secure connection (TLS, STARTTLS)Toggle on this option if IMAP service requires TLS / STARTTLS secure connection.
NOT verify server SSL certToggle on this option if Server address is an IP address, or server uses an invalid SSL cert.