SSL Certs

Spider Email Archiver supports requesting free cert from Let's Encrypt to secure SMTP and HTTP traffic.

The only one requirement is: the A type DNS record of your DNS domain name must be pointed to public IP address of Spider server.

For example, to request ssl cert for Spider server hostname

  • Set or update A type DNS record of domain name to the public IP address of Spider server.
  • Login to Spider web console as admin user.
  • Go to Settings -> SSL Cert
  • Input DNS domain name and click Add.
  • Restart Spider service manually by running command service spiderd restart (on Linux system).

After restarted, Spider will listen on port 443 (old port 8080 is not used when you added a DNS domain name), ssl cert requesting will be triggered when Spider receives first http request to

If Spider failed in requesting cert:

  • Please extract related error messages from log file /opt/spider/log/spiderd.log and fix reported issue(s), then restart Spider service to try again. If you're not familiar with such issue, contact us to get support.

  • As a temporary solution, please edit config file /opt/spider/settings.json, set value of parameter cert_domains to an empty list, then restart Spider service to listen on port 8080 again.

    Sample config file snippet with empty cert domains:

        cert_domains: [],