Files and Directories

Files and directories used by Spider:

    |- settings.json    # Main config file.
    |- archive/         # Archived email messages and attachments.
    |- autocert/        # [OPTIONAL] SSL cert requested from Let's Encrypt.
    |- db/              # Databases.
    |- fts/email/       # Full-text indexed data.
    |- log/             # Log files.
    |- cert.pem         # SSL cert file (or symbol link).
    |- key.pem          # SSL private key file (or symbol link).
    |- secret.key       # Secret key used to encrypt / decrypt email
                        # messages and attachments.

/opt/spider is the root directory of application data. It's hard-coded and not configurable.

  • settings.json: This is the main config file of Spider.

    All parameters can be managed on Spider web console. If you have to modify it with a text editor (like nano and vi), don't forget to restart spiderd service immediately to load the changes.

  • archive/: All archived email messages and attachments are stored here.

    • Archived files are organized in time-based sub-directories. For example, all emails archived on 13 May 2022 will be stored under archive/2022/05/13/.
    • Email messages and attachments are compressed (in gzip format) and encrypted before saving to disk.
  • autocert/: If you let Spider request free ssl cert (from Let's Encrypt) for you, successfully requrested cert files will be stored under this directory.

  • db/: SQLite databases.

  • fts/email/: full-text indexed data.

  • log/: Log files. Rotated weekly by default.

    • spiderd.log: log of spiderd daemon (the main program of Spider Email Archiver).
    • access.log: log of Spider web console.
  • cert.pem and key.pem: The ssl cert and private key files.

  • secret.key: The secret key used to encrypt / decrypt email messages and attachments.