Set an Archiving Address

An archiving address is required to receive emails from mail server via standard SMTP service.

  • Login to the web console as admin user
  • Click Settings -> Archiving Address:

Archiving Address

  • Spider uses archive as default username, you're free to change it to another one.
  • The domain name here is usually set to server hostname, please make sure the hostname is resolvable by DNS query, both MX or A type DNS record of this domain name are required and pointed to this server.
  • If Spider is running in same private local network as your email server (e.g. in DMZ), it's ok to toggle on the option Use host IP address(es) as archiving domain name(s), then you can use email address like archive@[] as archiving address (Note: [ and ] around IP address are required when the domain part is an IP address).